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Mesh fencing is mainly composed of low iron steel wire, stainless steel wire, wire hot-dip galvanizing. Corrosion resistance for mesh fencing products special processes include: electric(cold) galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing, PVC sprayed coating and PVC dipped coating.The coating colors and the panel style can corresponding to your objects around design.

Temporary fencing is ideal for any project, including commercial and domestic sites or special events. Mesh panels are popular forms of temporary fencing with extremely versatile application and cover a broad range of uses including construction sites, housing construction, special events, protection and crowd control. Materials applied for temporary fencing include galvanized chain link fence, plastic netting and welded wire panels. General temporary fencing comes when a sturdy, durable, safety fencing is needed for a wide variety of construction, industrial and crowd control applications.

Security fencing is the ultimate security fencing system made of generally wire mesh panel fences and concertina razor wire toppings. The security fencing panel has close mesh opening and horizontal wires that make it an incredibly robust fencing. This system has good through visibility and is also aesthetically pleasing. High security fencing system is now rapidly growing in uses. Panels can be palisade type with sharp tops, posts type and railing types. The security fencing panels can be also made of common welded mesh wire, expanded metal fencing or other metal materials.

Reinforcing Mesh is widely used in Welded steel bar panels are widely used in construction reinforcement, the ground for the tunnels, bridges, highway, airport and wharf, also in construction of wall body. Reinforcing Mesh can be detailed as either flat or bent sheets, depending on the job requirements

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